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A Blogging Platform powered by Git

Markdown flavor blogging platform powered by your Github repository. You commit your posts, we publish it.

Write in markdown
Write your posts in the markdown format in your favorite editor. We support Github flavored markdown.
Version Control your blog
Manage your content in a git repository. Make PR to preview changes to your blog. Push to deployment branch for changes to go live.
Custom Domain
Fully managed custom domain on Premium plan. Free forever for all the blogs created this month!
Make your blog personal by picking your logo, banner, and more.
Collaborative publishing
Use Github to collaborate on your posts using Pull Requests. Every PR publishes a preview of your blog.
Fully Managed
No need to manage servers. Add one config file to your repository and your blog is live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give publishers the full ownership of their content and yet provide a social platform for them to grow their audience.

Configure your blog in truegit.yaml

You can set all the metadata about your blog like title, description, logo, banner, navigation links and more in truegit.yaml which lives in the root folder of your repository.

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Feature 1

Markdown powered posts with metadata

Write your posts in Github flavored markdown. Set post metadata like title, sub-title, banner, tags, authors and more in the file itself so that everything is version controlled.

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Feature 1

Fully Responsive

Looks great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Feature 1

Pull Request for Previews

Collaborate through Github Pull Requests. Every PR is deployed in a preview mode. Merge to the production branch for your changes to go live.

Feature 1

Dashboard to manage your deployments

Configure your subdomain, set custom domain, view preview deployments and more in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Feature 1

How to get started?


Step 1

Fork a sample Truegit Repository


Step 2

Install Github App and give it access to the forked repository in your account


Step 3

Create your account and add the repository in your dashboard. Your blog is live!


Free forever for all the blogs created this month! 🎉

All the premium features would be free forever for our beta users.

Get to use most of the amazing features for free
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What's included
    Previews for every pull request
    Upto 500Mb of image storage
    Branding and theme
    Automatic HTTPS/SSL
    Same day email support
Paid(per repository)
Select our paid plans to access premium features. Free forever for our beta users!
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What's included
  • Everything included in Free, plus...
  • Custom Domain
    Upto 2GB of image storage
    Private repositories
    Within an hour email support